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Vicki and Mitch | Edmonton Engagement Photography

edmonton engagement photographySome people just uplifts you when you’re around them. Mitch and Vicki are those people for me. It could be because after being a nurse for nearly a decade, I feel at home when I’m around doctors ūüôā Last month the three of us spent an evening together shooting for their engagement session. We explored some random spots and even got lost along the way (my fault completely). Trust me I didn’t want their session to end!! Here are some of my faves from that day!

Vicki & Mitch – Thank you for being you! Your love for each other made my job oh so easy!!

Makeup and hair by Blush Artistry 

edmonton engagement photography edmonton engagement photographyVicki and Mitch E 3edmonton engagement photography edmonton engagement photography edmonton engagement photography edmonton engagement photographyedmonton engagement photography edmonton engagement photographyedmonton engagement photographyedmonton engagement photographyedmonton engagement photography Vicki and Mitch E 12 edmonton engagement photography edmonton engagement photography edmonton engagement photographyedmonton engagement photography

Justine & Ian . Edmonton Canada Engagement Session

blogjustineian 2

Change is in the air. ¬†This year has been all about that for me. ¬†Whether it be the way I shoot or the way I edit, the projects I involve myself in, the way I view myself or the way I view my work, this year has been about change. ¬†Perhaps what shifted most is my willingness to accept, and just be. ¬†I’ve fought off urges to experiment and take risks in the past to ensure my work stays consistent. ¬†But no more.

The universe must have known about my plans because it brought me Justine and Ian. ¬†A couple with impeccable taste and a vision that spoke truths to my heart. ¬†Admittedly I was a little nervous going into the shoot, but what I didn’t anticipate was how much my inside needed it. ¬†Breaking my own patterns and seeing new things only fuel my creativity.

So I present to you, Justine and Ian’s engagement session. A session that’s about the in betweens, a session I’m super proud of. ¬† It’s not often you’ll catch me saying this. But for now, I’ll hit save and publish.

Justine and Ian, a million thanks to you.

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April 13, 2016 - 8:05 pm Cassandra dini - What a beautiful photos. I can feel the vibes :)

November 12, 2015 - 8:23 pm Divya J - These are incredible! I have been a fan of yours for 2 years now. You just get better and better.

November 12, 2015 - 8:23 pm Divya J - These are incredible! I have been a fan of yours for 2 years now. You just get better and better.

November 5, 2015 - 8:32 am Mana Abosaid - You are amazing Sharon!!! and this is amazing =)

November 4, 2015 - 9:06 pm Nicole W - I am in LOVE with these! Absolutely love filled and dreamy! Beautifully captured <3

Amanda & Al . Engaged

engagementphotographer 1I’m sure I’m breaking many blogging rules by posting THIS many photos from Amanda and Al’s engagement session. So I’ll keep the words short, and let their photos speak for themselves. I absolutely adored this session, the perfect combination of soft and pretty vs contrast and stylish. Thank you Amanda and Al for a) being super models and b) picking the locations.

engagementphotographer 12

engagementphotographer 6engagementphotographer 5engagementphotographer 7engagementphotographer 10engagementphotographer 9 engagementphotographer 8

engagementphotographer 2engagementphotographer 3engagementphotographer 13 engagementphotographer 14engagementphotographer 2

engagementphotographer 22 engagementphotographer 19

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Andrea and Craig . Fairmont Hotel MacDonald Wedding

edmonton wedding photography 1

If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy. A little quote stitched inside of all the gifts that Andrea gifted to her bridesmaid. I felt it was appropriate and pretty much sums up Andrea and Craig’s wedding day as they celebrated with all their families and friends who love them oh so much.

Meet modern day Audrey Hepburn and her handsome groom. ¬†Andrea and Craig’s wedding speaks to the girly girl inside of me that loves everything soft, pretty, and romantic. ¬†The day started with me photographing Andrea’s beautiful accessories and details while her and her bridesmaids danced to T-Swift around the hotel room. I knew instantly this was my crowd. I loved hearing the girls’ laughters and the excitement in their voices, but what touched me the most was how Andrea’s mom would get choked up every time she glanced over at her beautiful daughter. The ceremony and reception took place at the very grand Empire Ballroom inside the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald. ¬†And in between we were able to sneak away from the hotel for a bit for some photoshoot goodness in my studio loft.

Andrea and Craig, I thought I loved you from the moment I met you, but I didn’t know that I can adore you two even more. I love your love story, and pretty much everything about you two. ¬†Thank you for having me along side you witnessing your happiest day. ¬†Forever grateful.

Acknowledgement: Bridal Gown Store – Pure Bridal | Bridal Gown Designer – Justin Alexander | Hair and Makeup – Pose Hair | Bridal Bouquet – FaBLOOMosity | Cake – Art of Cake | Decor – Elegant Touches

edmonton wedding photography 16 edmonton wedding photography 17 edmonton wedding photography 18 edmonton wedding photography 19 edmonton wedding photography 20 edmonton wedding photography 21 edmonton wedding photography 22 edmonton wedding photography 23 edmonton wedding photography 24 edmonton wedding photography 25edmonton wedding photography 26

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Leanna & Mark . edmonton wedding photography

LeannaMarkWed 8

Truthfully, the best thing about my job is meeting kind hearted, genuine, awesome people. ¬†Together and individually, Leanna and Mark are some of the most hard working and humble human beings I’ve ever met. ¬†They’ve got lots to brag about, trust me, they do. But they don’t. ¬†Together they’ve built a life that they’re proud of and is authentic to who they are.

Their wedding took place this past May at the historical Fairmont Hotel MacDonald. ¬†There’s no denying it’s an elegant venue. Imagine being in the Wedgewood Room with Games of Throne theme song being played in the background on harp. Yah, it was a pretty surreal feeling. What made it even classier was when Leanna and Mark’s friend surprised them with an opera performance. The cherry on top definitely was when Mark performed on the violin accompanied by his brother on the baby grand.

I left Leanna and Mark’s wedding feeling like the luckiest photographer to have been a part of their wedding celebration. Leanna and Mark, thank you for being who you are. I adore and look up to you both immensely.

This beautiful wedding is also featured in the Fall/Winter issue of Blush. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy on their website here or at Indigo/Chapters.  You really have to experience this publication in person. I just LOVE the feel of it.


Day of Coordinator – Jennifer Bergman Weddings | Floral Design – FaBLOOMosity | Bridal Gown and Bridesmaids Boutique – Delica Bridal | Bridal Gown Designer – Hayley Paige | Bridesmaid gown – Jenny Yoo | Grooms Tux – Derks Formal | Bridal Makeup – Sen Studios | Bridal Hair – Dao Haddad | Custom Earrings – Elsa Corsi


LeannaMarkWed 1LeannaMarkWed 2 LeannaMarkWed 3 LeannaMarkWed 4 LeannaMarkWed 5 LeannaMarkWed 6 LeannaMarkWed 7LeannaMarkWed 9 LeannaMarkWed 11 LeannaMarkWed 12 LeannaMarkWed 13 LeannaMarkWed 14 LeannaMarkWed 15 LeannaMarkWed 16 LeannaMarkWed 17 LeannaMarkWed 18 LeannaMarkWed 19 LeannaMarkWed 20 LeannaMarkWed 21 LeannaMarkWed 22 LeannaMarkWed 23 LeannaMarkWed 24 LeannaMarkWed 25 LeannaMarkWed 26 LeannaMarkWed 27 LeannaMarkWed 28

Leanna & Mark . Engaged

Leanna and Mark gets married tomorrow!! I realized I haven’t even shared their engagement session that I love so much. Here they are with their super cute dog, Wyatt.

Leanna Edmonton Engagement 3Leanna Edmonton Engagement 1Leanna Edmonton Engagement 4Leanna Edmonton Engagement 2Leanna Edmonton Engagement 5 Leanna Edmonton Engagement 7Leanna Edmonton Engagement 6Leanna Edmonton Engagement 8 Leanna Edmonton Engagement 9

Amanda | Edmonton Boudoir Styled Shoot


edmonton-boudoir-010edmonton-boudoir-012 edmonton-boudoir-013 edmonton-boudoir-014 edmonton-boudoir-015

Ellen & Armand | grace ormonde wedding feature

social media collage

I’ve been DYING to share Ellen & Armand’s stunning wedding the minute I shot it! Their beautiful wedding is currently being featured over at Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Magazine Blog, check it out here.¬† ¬†I honestly cannot believe my work would ever be recognized in one of their features. I still remember flipping through my first copy of Grace Ormonde when I started photography, ooing and ahhing over every image. Never did I think one day I too would be so lucky to shoot such beautiful weddings. Obviously, ALL credit goes to Ellen & Armand, as well as all of YEG’s best vendors who helped bring this day to life. None of this would have happened if it weren’t for them.

The day started with Ellen & Armand reading letters they’ve written to each other during their marital prep class. I loved that they chose to mail these letters to each other to be opened on the big day. Their beautiful ceremony was held at St Joseph Basilica, followed by an intimate reception in the Wedgewood Room at Hotel MacDonald. The Wedgewood is gorgeous as it is, but with Ellen’s vision, the Wedgewood was probably the best I’ve ever seen it. Ellen’s strength as a woman just blew me away, you couldn’t tell by looking at her in these photos, but she had an appendectomy 7 days before her wedding.

Ellen & Armand – from the moment we met, I knew we’d hit it off. ¬†It was truly an honour and joy to be there for you on your wedding day! I look forward to many more texts Ellen, where we bond over RAH and Aritzia, ha! Wishing you both nothing but the best as you carve a path that’s uniquely yours.

Florals – Fabloomosity | Wedding Design and Planning – Awespiring Weddings | Venue – Fairmont Hotel MacDonald | Rentals – Special Events | Gown – Vera Wang Blush Bridal | Linens – Dress My Day | Brides Accessories – Elsa Corsi from Jeweliette ¬†| Stationery – Lovella Invitations | Table Numbers – ASAP Engraving | Cake – Art of Cake | Makeup – Astrid Woodard¬†Eclectica | Hair –¬†DollhouseYEG

GraceOrmond-Wedding-1-3 GraceOrmond-Wedding-1-4 GraceOrmond-Wedding-1-5 GraceOrmond-Wedding-1-6 GraceOrmond-Wedding-1-7 GraceOrmond-Wedding-1-9GraceOrmond-Wedding-1-8GraceOrmond-Wedding-1-10 GraceOrmond-Wedding-1-11 GraceOrmond-Wedding-1-13GraceOrmond-Wedding-1-12GraceOrmond-Wedding-1-14 GraceOrmond-Wedding-1-15

May 2, 2015 - 1:08 am Red Eye Collection - Wow! These photos are stunning! Fantastic work, and the bride and groom are beautiful.

Kaelan & Scott . Married | Edmonton Wedding Photographer


edmonton wedding photography kaelan 11

I might be speaking too soon, but I think I got my blogging mojo back! Today I’d like to show you the amazing wedding of Kaelan and Scott’s! Do not be deceived by their good looks, these two are by far one of the funniest, wittiest, kindest couple I know. ¬†I LOVED every part of their wedding, from the soft color palette of their decor and bridesmaid dresses, to the sweetest journal entries Scott wrote to Kaelan, right down to the way the guests were treated throughout the entire day. ¬†I don’t think I even stopped laughing during the reception speeches. Thinking about this day months later still brings a smile to my face. Thanks for having me as your wedding photographer Kaelan & Scott – me so lucky!!

edmonton wedding photography kaelan 1 edmonton wedding photography kaelan 14edmonton wedding photography kaelan 2edmonton wedding photography kaelan 4 edmonton wedding photography kaelan edmonton wedding photography kaelan 6 edmonton wedding photography kaelan 7 edmonton wedding photography kaelan 9edmonton wedding photography kaelan 8edmonton wedding photography kaelan 10edmonton wedding photography kaelan 13

March 3, 2015 - 9:24 pm Teann Dhariwal - So so beautiful Sharon! These images are all stunning!

olivia + rob | hawaii wedding photography

olivia Collage 2

Olivia and I go way back. ¬†By way back I mean when we both had crappy part time jobs at the mall. ¬†Back when minimum wage was still $4.50/hr. ¬†Back when people “supe” up their civics. Back when Cotton Ginny was still around. ¬†You get the point, we’ve been friends a long ass time. ¬†She’s seen me at my best, but was also there when I hit rock bottom. ¬†And like all friendships, we’ve had our differences and our ups & downs. ¬†But one thing remained constant, she was THE¬†quintessential bestfriend anyone could ask for. ¬†I remember the time she encouraged me to go into Nursing bc I hated my then office job, and even offered to pay for my prerequisite Statistic course bc I was completely broke. ¬†I’ve lost count of the number of times she had to witness me cry over stupid boy problems and having to give me the same advice over and over again. ¬†Or even the time she gifted me with a Canon Rebel bc I had this crazy idea that I was going to be a photographer. ¬†Yup, she’s that friend.

Fast forward many years later, Olivia met Rob. ¬†She kept him a secret from us (her sisters and I) for a while. ¬†We’d always wonder who she was texting off in a corner. ¬†When the time was right, she introduced Rob to us. ¬†I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I loved Rob immediately. ¬†Maybe it was how happy Olivia is when she’s around him, ¬†or maybe bc he loved Hello Kitty oh I mean magic cards and boardgames as much as Olivia did. ¬†Whatever it was, I was happy she found someone that was deserving of her.

This past November we all flew out to Oahu for their wedding. ¬†The Waikiki Beach and gorgeous Hawaiian sunset provided the perfect backdrop for Olivia and Rob’s wedding. The soiree was intimate, emotional, and loads of fun. ¬†The bridal party even had a few surprises up their sleeves. ¬†As if the night wasn’t amazing enough, one of Olivia and Rob’s friend (who use to be Marc Anthony’s backup singer) serenaded them. Even my husband who’s been on a dancing strike for god knows how long busted out a move or two. ¬†Definitely not a night I will soon forget.

Olivia and Rob, thank you for having us witness and be a part of ¬†your truly amazing day. Rob, you better be good to her. Olivia, if there’s no you, there will be no this version of me. I love you both immensely.

Wedding Venue Р Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki | Florist РSweet Pea & Petunia | Hair and Makeup РFaith & Beauty


olivia Collage 1olivia Collage 3 olivia Collage 5 olivia Collage 6 olivia Collage 7olivia Collage 12 olivia Collage 8 olivia Collage 10olivia Collage 9olivia Collage 11olivia Collage 13 olivia Collage 14

March 3, 2015 - 9:56 am Brent - This photo album is beautiful, glad you could share it - I have known both Olivia and Sharon for a very long time - working with the both of you at that horrible minimum wage (makes me feel very old). While I don't know Rob, I am glad he makes you happy and you both look great together. Congrats to you both and to Sharon, you are an awesome photographer, catching all the right moments - one of the best I know (if not the best)

March 2, 2015 - 9:28 pm Olivia - Simply AMAZING...Just like the woman behind the Camera! We have definitely gone through a lot together and I look forward to many more years of our friendship! Rob and I, our family and our friends, all love the photos! I felt like I relived the day just looking at the pictures. Thank you so much Sharon!